Getting Hitched? Check Where To Place The Engagement or Wedding Ring

Where To Put The Engagement Ring

At this point, he probably already worked up the nerve to pop the big question. Since you’re still reading, you said yes and probably have an idea about how your wedding ring, dress and many other details of the big day are in the works.

But you may wonder where the engagement and wedding ring goes. Is it even necessary to wear one? (Especially if you are also planning to use it as your wedding ring)

Answers to these and many other questions will be revealed. Just keep reading along.

What hand should the engagement ring be placed on before and after the wedding?

Traditionally the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger commonly referred to as the ring finger before getting married in Britain. The wedding ring will also be put on the same finger. After the wedding, you can place the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring.

Why does your wedding ring go on your left hand?

This tradition stems back to the roman ages. Back then they believed that the vein on the fourth finger of the left hand ran directly to the heart. Which they aptly named the ‘Vena Amoris‘ or the “vein of love”.

Putting your engagement ring on this finger signifies tapping into that vein. It’s a romantic way for couples to symbolize their love.

You also have the option of getting a bespoke ring for your engagement that will curve into the shape of the wedding ring. The rings can also be fused together to make a single ring.

Why do some people wear their wedding or engagement ring on the right hand?

For some people, it’s just a matter of comfort or stylish preferences. Some traditions can be skewed when it comes to this subject and the most important thing is the commitment shared between you and your soon to be the partner.

In some parts of Europe like Norway, Austria, Russia, Denmark, Latvia, Germany and parts of Belgium the ring traditionally goes on the left hand and the wedding ring on the right hand. In Colombia and Brazil, married partners wear their engagement rings on their right hands and move them to the left when they have made their vows.

There are also some Catholics that prefer to wear their engagement rings on their right finger as they believe that the right hand is directly linked to the heart of the ring wearer. It is also handy to note that in India they have a firm belief that the left hand is unclean, thus they wear their engagement rings on the fourth finger of the right hand as well.

Does the engagement ring have any meaning?

Yes, it does. An engagement ring signifies a formal agreement to marry someone. When someone wants to marry, they usually present a formal proposal to their desired partner. After the proposal is accepted a ring is presented as a sign of agreement.

Wearing it in the intervening time before the wedding signifies staying committed to this promise. By accepting and keeping it on you declare that your relationship has turned into a lifelong commitment.

How do engagement rings work for the LGBT community?

Traditionally, in the UK and many parts of the world only women wear engagement rings. However, there is a growing trend of wearing engagement rings among both straight and gay men and women.

There are no fixed rules on doing proposals and getting rings whether you’re in a hetero- or homosexual relationship. There are certainly no clichés or special LGBT ring wearing rules. You are free to wear it on any hand you feel comfortable wearing it on.

Who gets the ring in a broken engagement?

What if one of you develops cold feet just before the wedding date? Who should go with the ring? Is it the lady or the fella? Well, the jury is still out on this one.

Tradition dictates that if the groom to be called off the engagement, then the ring is forfeited to the wife to be and she can keep it or even sell if she wishes. However, if the bride to be is the fleeting party then she should send the ring back along with her regrets.

In recent times a new trend has developed whereby, if the ring was presented on a special day like an anniversary or Valentine’s then the lady can keep it. Since it came as an unconditional gift.

Do you always have to wear your wedding ring?

Rings signify a bond based on bountiful love, a union between two lovers and a commitment to a life shared. Even with that said, you don’t have to wear a wedding or engagement ring.

There are other options to signify your never-ending love. Rather than wearing an engagement or wedding ring, it’s possible to get a piece of jewellery like a necklace or a bracelet. Some couples even get matching tattoos.

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