Wedding Rings


If you are looking for your ideal wedding ring, we can offer our jewellery expert advice. First, think about which metal works best for you. At our Ovadia London Jewellery shop, we offer different high-quality metals which we can demonstrate and discuss with you such as

  • Yellow Gold -it contains 70-75% pure gold layered up with alloys – our favorite affordable yet luxurious-looking wedding band metal.
  • Palladium – resistant and popular metal among younger active couples ideal for handling everyday life.
  • Platinum – a durable classic built to last.
  • Rose Gold – a girl’s best friend as it goes well with most wedding outfits.

For practical reasons, think about your lifestyle and which metal would suit it best, e.g. are you more active and need an extremely durable ring?

Come best prepared to our Hatton Garden Boutique

If possible, make sure your body temperature is average and that you are calm when having your final ring fitting. Don’t come in the morning as your fingers might be slightly swollen from the water your body has retained overnight. They might also swell right after exercising.

What to look out for and discuss at our shop

All our wedding bands are subjected to quality controls at Ovadia Jewellery through our expert designers. Additionally, manufacturers often provide a proof for their metal quality and we check that the metal quality covers what the retailer promises. When it comes to diamonds, we are true experts and both Ovadia owners have been trained by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to ensure that the diamond quality is the best and covers the 4C’s.

Once you have narrowed your wedding ring choice down, it’s important to consider you and your partner’s lifestyle, job, hobbies, and so on, before making that final decision. We’re here to help you design your own wedding ring alongside our team of experienced jewellery designers. We can craft the finest wedding jewellery using the metals, gemstones and personal touches you desire. We offer all our customers useful 3D sketchbooks displaying many different wedding ring designs for inspiration.