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tips to buy diamonds

Diamonds are a naturally occurring wonder. It is one of the finest stones on earth and its glistening allure is one of the greatest features it possesses, making it a valuable precious gem. Diamonds are inspected to make sure they measure up to high standards that entail factors such as cut, color, clarity, and carat. Diamonds are used to create impeccable handcraft pieces such as earrings, bracelets, pendants and much more. This extensive range of diamond collection has got you covered in any occasion depending on the look you are going for.

Every diamond is unique and no two pieces look the same. So knowing that, how do you ensure you are getting value for your money?

Let’s take a deep dive into the factors that help in determining the standards of the diamond are met.

  • Cut

This is the geometric proportion of the diamond. This affects the gem’s sparkle and allure. Skilled craftsmanship is a necessity in cutting a diamond to match its proportion, symmetry, and polish to its magnificence. The cut determines the gem’s symmetry and light reflecting ability. This process is the most difficult as it is scientific and technical.

  • Color

This feature directly influences the appearance of a diamond, ranging from colorless to light yellow. The gem’s value is measured by how much the diamond’s color is close to colorless. The nearer it is to colorless the higher it’s value. The more the color in a diamond, the more its ability to reflect light is decreased.

  • Clarity

It is a scale entailing 11 grades varying from internally flawless to include grade 3. Inclusions in a diamond are the marks it naturally comes with, which in turn makes the diamond unique in its own way. The lesser the inclusions, the clearer the diamond and the higher its value as this makes it rare. Clarity is graded according to the number, size, relief, and position relative to the inclusions.

  • Carat

This is basically the measurement of the physical weight of a diamond. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Carat has been the basic unit of measurement of diamonds and other gemstones since 1913. The more the carat, the more the value of the gem.

It is important to know which among the four pointers would be your preference in gauging the value of the diamond, be it cut, color, clarity or carat.

There are tips to remember when buying diamonds:

Ovadia Jewellery Hatton Garden

  1. Choose a jeweller who’s been in the business for a while

This will help because only successful businesses are steady and have built a strong reputation. The longer the time in the industry, the better the products in terms of quality.

  1. Always check for stone certification

The stones need to be certified from bodies like the Gemmology Institute. This enables you to know what exactly you are purchasing the certificate contains details of the gem in utter specifications. This is important because diamonds are measured by the human eye, so a trusted regulatory body is necessary when it comes to trusting a diamond supplier.

  1. The setting

The center stone needs to be up to standard. A fine setting could make the stones fall off and a heavy one might not allow adequate light into the stone hence not allowing it to be seen to its full potential.

  1. Check it’s ethical

It is diligent of a buyer to check whether the stone is mined from a reputable source.

  1. Always work with someone you trust

Purchasing a diamond is a huge investment; therefore you need to be certain about where you are placing your money. If you know someone who has purchased diamonds and gives you a recommendation then they probably were satisfied and you probably will be too.

Best Jewellery Shop

Ovadia Hatton Garden Jewellery shop is a reputable shop in the heart of London, the best store for creative jewellery designs and unique pieces. Being that our founders are very vast and familiar with gemology and the four C’s, they will guide you in choosing diamond as your bespoke jewel.

Ovadia bespoke jewellery

Having exquisite jewels in the workshop at Hatton Gardens, clients can come and commission various pieces. Wedding and engagement rings ranging from yellow gold to rose gold to diamond neckpieces are one of the various customs made pieces to suit your liking.

Bespoke wedding rings

It is important to invest in exceptional wedding bands to symbolize a union and Ovadia offers customized wedding rings measured to precision representing perfect love for time to come. This is done by working with your preferred design and a crisp diamond or gold piece to best match you and your partner’s personalities.

Bespoke engagement rings

This is just about every woman’s dream. The moment when the love of your life goes down on one knee and pops the big question. The highlight of that moment would be the glistening diamond ring. Our team designs and crafts the finest diamond rings for engagements with a personal touch like having an engraved message. Our designs vary and that is where our 3D sketchbooks come in handy by helping you get a visual of your perfect design.

Bespoke jewellery pieces

Getting the perfect gift can be overwhelming and stressful but one sure thing is that you can never go wrong with a brilliantly crafted jewellery piece. Our products include beautifully handcrafted necklaces, pendants and earrings. From diamonds crested in a golden pendant, our quality and style are timeless. The pieces crafted by our team by use of nature’s precious creation will last with you for eternity.

Vast collection of loose diamonds

Our workshop has a variety of loose diamonds for you to choose from and they vary in size, color, and clarity to suit your taste. We have beautiful and dazzling flawless diamonds made by our skilled master craftsmen. They work to precision to create exceptional work of art out of the gemstones. Due to many years of experience and hundreds of content customers in delivering perfect masterpieces, we have built a well-deserved reputation.

Pay a visit to our shop today and we will take you through the magical journey of exceptional jewellery.

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