How to purchase loose diamonds in the UK


tips-to-buy-loose-diamondsWhen buying diamond jewellery it is always best to purchase loose diamonds instead of preset stones. It allows you to inspect timings more carefully and notice any imperfections, that can be hidden in a stones setting. Buying loose diamonds also gives you the ability to create a unique piece of jewellery instead of buying a  generic design that is already available on the market. What exactly do you need to know when purchasing loose diamonds?

Diamond certifications:

During a time of certification process, the time and will be carefully evaluated by a gemological laboratory. This will enable you to not only know the quality and characteristics of a particular diamond but also if the diamond is, in fact, a diamond.

Buying a certified diamond will allow a diamond to keep a hold of its value for a longer time period in comparison to diamonds that are not certified. It is not only important to buy a certified diamond, but also to ensure that certification comes from one of the most trusted laboratories.

Understand the characteristics of a diamond:

diamondThe characteristics of the time and are known as the 4Cs; colour, cut, clarity and carat. A completely clear diamond allows for a more eye-catching diamond, that reflects light more efficiently. The colour of the diamond is waiting from D to Z, D being colourless.

Class refers to the number of imperfections or inclusions within a diamond. Typically most diamonds will have imperfections in one form or another. A diamond is considered to be of higher quality if it contains fewer inclusions.

The carat of a diamond is the size of the stone itself. It is measured by weights, with one carat weighing around 0.2 grams. Are several ways in which a diamond can be cut to reflect light, and give the stone shape and symmetry. This is known as the cut of the diamond. When buying loose diamonds it is essential to prioritise which of the four series is most important to you.

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