Things to consider before buying diamond jewellery


Diamonds are the most coveted gem and have been used for years in the creation of fine jewellery. Due to the price tag of this job is important to carefully consider various factors before investing your money.


Define your budget:

Before buying a diamond you need to define how much you are willing to pay towards it. Everyone wants to buy 5-carat diamond but can you really afford it? If you can are you compromising cut and clarity for size? Set a budget and buy the best available diamond jewellery within that price range.

Determine what you want:

determine-what-diamonds-you-want-to-buy-at-OvadiaWhen buying a diamond everybody has different preferences. For some people, colour maybe more important than size, and others might want a particular cut or fewer inclusions. Are you okay with buying a smaller sized diamond that is better in quality or would you rather forego quality and buy a diamond that is larger in size?

Ensure that your diamond is certified:

Real diamonds are almost always certified. Certification will provide you with all the important information about your diamond, and also give me peace of mind adding to the value of your diamond. When checking the certification of your diamond it is important to make sure that your diamond is certified by an accredited laboratory.

Determine the carat of your diamond:

For many people, the size of the diamond is extremely important. Diamonds are measured in carat. A carat weighs 0.2 grams. The most coveted diamonds range from 0.5 to 2 carats.


Consider how many stones you would like in your jewellery:

More than one stone can be used in a piece of jewellery. If you’re looking for a piece of jewellery that it appears to have a bigger diamond within it, you can opt for using more than one stone in a setting. Using multiple stones that are smaller in size, then one big one can allow you to get the same look, with higher quality diamonds at a cheaper price.

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