The most popular engagement and proposal days revealed

popular engagement and proposalpopular engagement and proposal days days

If you are expecting a ring in your future, you are probably wondering when your significant other would pop the big question already.

Actually, there are days which are the most popular and the best time to make a proposal.

Analyzing the most popular times to get engaged, turns out most people do so between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

After all, a sparkly new engagement ring would make a perfect holiday gift. So, if the question ‘when is the best time to propose’ has been heavily on your mind, here are the most popular engagement and proposal days – and they’re just around the corner so we’ve added some gift ideas.

Christmas Day - proposal daysChristmas Day

Christmas Days are one of the best times to propose. It is easy to see why – Christmas is the festival of love and one of the most celebratory times of the year when it’s high time for gift-giving. Also, most couples are spending time with their loved ones on Christmas so it would not be hard to have a post-proposal celebration consisting of your family members and loved ones. At Ovadia Jewellery we feature a special variety of a gem called Padparadscha sapphire, which we feel is perfect for a Christmas Day proposal. It features a delicate colour that is a combination of pink and orange symbolizing warmth. And as it’s a marriage between a ruby and yellow sapphire, it perfectly merges the love of you two.

Valentine’s Day

This is the second most popular day to propose. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and receiving a ring rather than a box of chocolates is sure to make that Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Christmas Eve

In some countries, the tradition of giving gifts happens on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, so it is also a perfect day for a romantic Christmas proposal. The Christmas Eve dinner is a special occasion where everyone comes together joyfully, so popping the big question before, during or after the dinner is going to be a fantastic moment, especially if you enjoy having many witnesses or even involve others.

December 23rd

It is not a surprise that many couples get engaged on the day before Christmas Eve because they would like to kick off their Christmas time on a joyous note and a marriage proposal is certainly one of the best ways to do that, especially if they prefer to be in private for this intimate moment.

Secret Tip

December 23rd - 3 Engagement Rings optionsNo matter which proposal option you go for, the following ring designs are perfect for the most unique engagement rings to be featured and to impress: the semi-precious stones like the stunning purple amethyst, London blue topaz or green amethyst set in a 9ct yellow gold frame will surely astound everyone with their beauty and sparkle. Wow-factor guaranteed at this time full of love!

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is a favourite amongst romantics to propose to their partner. Any proposal that is made at or right after midnight constitutes a New Year’s Day engagement – and it is well known that many couples like to start off the year with a kiss and a proposal. It symbolizes new beginnings and is an exciting and hopeful time.

New Year’s Eve

There are numerous New Year’s Eve parties to be celebrated and people look back at the past year as well as making new plans for the year ahead. So, it’s no wonder that many proposals occur during this period. With family and friends around, what could be a more perfect moment to propose?

Secret Tip

New Year’s Eve - aquamarine 2ct diamond ringAnd what better way to mark this extraordinary moment with a very special engagement ring such as the above featured aquamarine 2ct diamond ring with delicate marquise diamond bud shoulders? This stunner will surely open the new year with a bang, and you can have this ring customized in various sizes and with different metals with prices starting from £1,900.

Two Saturdays before Christmas

Once again, some couples cannot wait until the Christmas holidays to pop the big question. During the holiday shopping period, proposers are purchasing engagement rings and we all know how hard it is to keep the ring a secret from our significant other. So, instead of waiting until the holiday season, proposers go ahead as soon as the engagement rings are in their hands.

It’s not too late yet!

As you saw, now is the perfect time to propose and you have until Valentine’s Day to get the desired ‘yes’ you are expecting, especially if you go for one of our lovely and contemporary engagement ring designs. Simply visit our Hatton Garden Shop to have a look at them and many more to find the right jewellery piece for your special one.

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