There are many jewellery shops displaying various wedding ring styles and options in their shop windows – but Ovadia Jewellery offers the most competitive prices for high-quality diamonds, wedding band metals and more. PLUS bespoke wedding ring designing and customization services.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and individual jewellery piece crafted to match your vision and desires, then you should opt for Ovadia’s bespoke custom made jewellery services. Their jewellery expert designers turn a piece of metal and gemstones into your personal piece of art, following your instructions, wishes and ideas and advising you every step of the way towards your dream jewellery piece.

Our Ovadia experts have years of experience with advising marrying couples on choosing their ideal wedding rings. You can find useful in-depth guides on their blog, but here are some key points:

  • work out your budget and maximum spend
  • consider which ring styles work best with your every day activities/lifestyle
  • come to the Ovadia Jewellery shop and try on various wedding ring styles and designs to see which goes best with your wedding outfits, tastes and comfort levels.
  • speak to one of Ovadia’s wedding jewellery experts to achieve the best result

Having been serving jewellery customers for over 5 years, Ovadia have built a reputation as the top diamond jewellery experts and dealers. Shop owners and staff are specifically trained to deliver and provide the best and most ethically sourced diamonds to create the jewellery pieces their customers envision and dream of.

At Ovadia we understand how challenging it can be to find the best engagement ring for the love of a lifetime. Some of Ovadia’s top tips can be found in their guides on their blog, but here’s a sneak overview:

  • based on your budget and browse through various engagement ring styles and designs
  • choose a selection of ring designs that are attractive to you, your partner and your lifestyle
  • bring these ideas to the Ovadia Jewellery shop and speak to one of their engagement jewellery experts to identify and filter out your or your partner’s ideal engagement ring.

Ovadia’s customer reviews on Trustpilot don’t lie – impressive customer satisfaction scores show that they go the extra mile. Be it repairing or updating an older engagement/wedding ring or providing “emergency jewellery services” like adjusting a bespoke wedding ring within a short timeframe. Whatever Ovadia customers need after their jewellery purchase will be looked after through offering a service guarantee.