Exclusive online consultations with Ovadia experts – We’re here for you via video chat!


The current need to isolate has led the Ovadia team to introduce exclusive online consultations to their customers to ensure that they can still acquire the jewellery they desire.

Via video messaging tools like Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp you will be able to book an online appointment to

  • Discuss the pieces of jewellery you’d like to purchase

  • The types of gemstones, metals, colours and other jewellery specifications

  • Discuss your budget and other needs, e.g. paying in instalments

  • A free valuation of other jewellery pieces you own

We want you to know that the Ovadia diamond experts based in Hatton Garden will still work around the clock to create personalized bespoke diamond rings and other jewellery creations exclusively for you.

Now is the time to plan that amazing proposal, engagement or wedding!

We can advise you on so many aspects around your jewellery and will take our time to have a thorough online consultation with you, accompanying you all the way.

5 things to think about before your online consultation with Ovadia


1.Choose a design and share it with us

Before you book an online consultation with us, it is very important to establish an idea of how you want the ring/jewellery piece to look.

Social media can be an accessible source of inspiration where you can also get in touch with us. Take a look at our Ovadia Jewellery Instagram or Facebook page and you will find plenty of ideas for your perfect bespoke ring or jewellery piece.

online consultation with Ovadia

You can then ask us directly about any particular jewellery item you have found, and we can discuss how we can turn it into the dream accessory you’ve been searching for. You should think of it as a definition of your personalities as well. Understand what your partner wants too and discover as many details as possible prior to our online consultation.

Note down a few key elements that you want to be taken into consideration and let the craftsmen do their magic. It will take a few weeks for the bespoke jewellery item to be ready and we are offering the option of booked collection slots for this at our Ovadia Jewellery shop.

2. Establish a budget

You will surely be amazed by the variety of designs and offers we provide at Ovadia.

This can be a little overwhelming and it would be better to have a budget in mind before the online consultation. Do a quick check of the prices of bespoke engagement diamond rings in London and or ask us directly about price ranges for certain models to discuss the total charges.

Depending on your ideas, we will think of cost optimization and at Ovadia we also provide great saving tips.  There are plenty of alternatives that match both your budget and desired model.

3. Think about the metal, colour and gemstone

We ask you to first think about the metal, colour and gemstone you would prefer before your online consultation. Take into consideration your lifestyles, your tastes and preferences.

wedding and engagement ring

You can also opt for something unique and combine the metals. For example, rose gold and white gold go very well together, creating a distinctive look.

The stone’s colour will also contribute to the jewellery’s final look. Some prefer engagement and wedding rings with clear diamonds, some pick a coloured stone for more distinction.

Moreover, a diamond’s shape also plays a crucial role. Round and princess diamonds tend to be the most popular cuts. The heart diamond or the grand emerald diamond shape are other options and often we find that people just need a little bit of expert guidance to establish their likes and dislikes. So, talk to us!

4. Add personal touches

Do you have a memorable phrase, word or symbol which defines your love story? Or would you prefer your engagement or wedding date engraved on your bespoke ring?

By choosing to order a custom-made jewellery piece, you will have the opportunity to add some individual touches to remind you of a special event. The message or symbol you choose will not only represent your feelings, but it will also make the piece of jewellery more special to you.

Once the ring is ready, you should also think of an insurance policy for it. Considering its infinite emotional value, let alone the financial cost, it is essential to think of a protection solution in case something happens to it. We can also give you advice on this.

Get in touch with us today to arrange your exclusive online jewellery consultation via video chat!

Get on with life and plan your next adventures now. Share your feelings, wishes and visions with our Ovadia Jewellery experts so we can help you create a spectacular individual jewellery work of art for your loved one!