Unusual Wedding Ring Designs To Inspire Your Bespoke Jewellery Collection

Unusual Wedding Rings

Any fashion choice you make, be it an article of clothing or even an accessory, should be an extension of your personality. This is the spirit behind bespoke jewellery. Traditionally, a wedding ring was just a bland gold band in comparison to the glitzy bespoke engagement ring that most people receive these days.

With bespoke jewellery, one is able to design their own wedding ring and get it made by expert craftsmen. It is certainly the way to go if you require something more than the average wedding band designs that you can pick up in any shop.

Here are a few ring designs to inspire you with finding a unique wedding ring idea for that special day.

Unusual Women’s Wedding Rings

There is no reason for tradition to dictate the shape of a piece of jewellery you will wear for the rest of your life. You should feel free to express your individuality.

Here are a few unusual concepts to ponder.


A Star Wars or sci-fi themed wedding may be out of the question for most people. However, with this R2D2-inspired platinum wedding band from Ingle & Rhode, you can celebrate one of the biggest days of your life with a little sci-fi twist.

This ring is set with Australian diamonds, Australian kings plain blue sapphires, and a red ruby ethically sourced from Malawi. It is not just a piece of jewellery but also a conversational piece liable for making anyone who sees it ask how you met and wed your life partner.


ANNA'S-OPEN-STYLE-18k-ROSE-GOLD-WEDDING-RINGThere’s just something so alluring about an open style fitted wedding ring. This 18K gold ring from Harriet Kelsall will go well with any engagement ring featuring sapphire. It 3 mm wide, band tappers elegantly close to the sapphire center. The craftsmanship is remarkable, with a fine polished finish and a handmade profile to match the shape of most engagement rings.

5MM Celtic ring- wedding rings direct

5MM-Celtic-Wedding-RingWhen it comes to grace and elegance Celtic design wedding rings are always a great way to go. This 5mm wide ring keeps in step with Celtic design traditions. It is made from polished 9k yellow gold and features a weave pattern that goes all round the band. The price varies depending on whether you want the decorative design to go all round the band. There are even more Celtic wedding ring designs to inspire your choice on the wedding ring direct website.

Tension ring with sapphire in sterling silver – Anthony Blakeney

Tension ring with sapphire in sterling silverThis is a simple hand textured ring made of silver and sapphire tension ethically sourced from Sri Lanka cut in Belgium. This masterly crafted ring from Anthony Blakeney comes in the richest of colours that include white, violet, pink and yellow. With the most requested one being blues of varying shades.You can relish wearing this ring every day for many years to come without it fading or tarnishing.

Unusual Men’s Wedding Rings

Men really don’t care that much about things like rings and most things to do with wedding ceremonies. However, if you must put something on for the rest of your life it would be ideal for that wedding ring to be as unique or unusual the wearer.


BINARY-CODE-WEDDING-RING-MENThis is a unique concept for a wedding ring from Ingle & Rhode. It is certain to spark your interest if you are into computers and programming. It is a 5mm wide platinum wedding band made from ethically sourced raw materials, featuring a court profile design (flat inner side and a gently curving inside).  You can have a special message engraved around the ring in binary code to commemorate this life-changing event.

Palladium Diamond Ring – Ernest Jones

Palladium Diamond Ring - Unsual Wedding RingsThis is an elegant fine polished wedding ring made of palladium 950 from Ernest Jones. Its channel is a row of well-set glittering diamonds, which come to a total of a ¼-karat diamond. Palladium is a hypoallergenic metal, which means there is no chance of irritation or allergic reaction with prolonged use.

This ring’s construction, fine finish, and luster make it an ideal pick of a wedding ring, promise ring or anniversary gift. It is certain to see you through years of bliss and struggle.

Gold Tree Wedding Band – Silvery Lake

Gold Tree Wedding Ring - Unusual Wedding RingsThis fashionable silver wedding ring from SilveryLake has a tree, the symbol of an eternal family, prominently featured on its design. The tree has bark finely textured to detail. There is also a play on contrast with the bright silver of the metal and the dark colour. This adds to this ring’s beauty.

The smooth textured base surface makes it comfortable to wear. The inside of the tree is also gold plated which makes this ring capable of surviving the rigours of daily use for decades to come.

Diamond ring with beveled edges– wedding rings direct

Diamond ring with beveled edges - Men Wedding RingsThis timeless and elegant bevel edge wedding ring from wedding rings direct is sure to last through the vows and stress of wearing it daily. This ring has an 8 mm wide base and bevels at 6 mm. It has 5 groups of 6 expertly cut diamonds all set equal distances across the ring. In all, this stunning wedding band has 30 expertly cut diamonds and has a fine finish flanked all around by a polished bevel.

Hopefully, these unique and unusual wedding ring designs have given you some ideas and inspiration for your ideal wedding bands you will cherish for years to come. Visit our Ovadia Jewellery shop in London’s Hatton Garden to talk to us about your ideas so we can turn them into reality for you.