Best places for a marriage proposal to pop the big question

Best places for a marriage proposal

Getting married is exciting and fun!

At Ovadia Jewellery we often deal with customers, who are looking to impress their favourite person in the world not just with their engagement ring, but with their whole proposal.

When advising our clients about this unique process, we recognize that it can be quite tasking and demanding. To start with, you have to be confident that your partner is ready and prepared before popping the big question; then you have to find the perfect and ideal ring to use for your proposal.

We got that covered for you as you can get fantastic and elegant engagement and wedding rings at Ovadia Jewellery, and we truly take the time to implement all your wishes and ideas. To also offer our support finding the perfect place to ask the big question we happily share some marriage proposal locations our customers have chosen.

There are numerous options when looking for the best places to propose, but of course, some would be better than others.

Read this article to help you avoid some of the stress of finding the best and most romantic places to propose.


If you are wondering about an elegant and at the same time fun city to make your proposal, then London is the perfect place for you to get the “yes” you are after. Ovadia Jewellery is based in London’s Hatton Garden and our heart is certainly set on this gorgeous city.

Here are the top impressive places to propose in London:

  • St Paul’s Cathedral

    This is one of the most iconic and famous cathedrals in the world. In it you find a whispering gallery that is marvellously designed in a way that a whisper against the wall can be heard clearly at the other side, about 112 feet away – perfect for whispering the question! If you can get to the very top outside, you could overlook the whole of beautiful London, and this would be a terrific spot to ask your big question, with God’s blessing.

  • The Tower Bridge

    best places to propose LondonDo you want to make your proposal extra special? Why not hire the whole of the Tower Bridge and fill it with candles and petals to propose in the most elevated and historic way, while you are over-looking London? If you can make London stop, you can make your big love’s heartbeat stop for a minute.

  • Sky Garden

    London’s modern Sky Garden is the most extensive in Europe; it is located at the very top of London’s walkie talkie building. This garden is perfect for making your proposal as it overlooks the city, yet you’ll still feel like you’re surrounded by nature if you’re a fan of plants.

  • Royal Observatory

    What better way is there to ask the ultimate question than under the starry London night sky? The Planetarium in Greenwich allows you to have your names and the big question written in the stars – show that you love them to the moon and back!

  • Many more highlights for any taste

    London is a great city with many tourist sites which are ideal to pop the big question and get your desired answer. It has beautiful and elegant hotels like the Ritz likewise beautiful gardens and parks too like Kensington Gardens and Regents Park, which are available for hire. Let your creativity lead the way to your partner’s heart!

Kauai, Hawaii

kauai hawaii - best places to proposeProposing under the sunset beneath Hanakapi’ai Falls on the breathtaking Na Pali Coast is going to be unforgettable as we hear. In a place like Kauai, you have numerous activities that you can try out like swimming, hiking, or even helicopter rides for the more adventurous wedding proposal. On the opposite end of Kauai Island is the Fern Grotto, which is also an exotic space for memorable marriage proposals.

Paris, France

The city of love itself is obviously the choice for all romantics. The Eiffel Tower is the top place, but don’t think that’s all Paris has to offer: the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe or even the tree-lined Medici Fountain is ideal for marriage proposals with a romantic twist as we have learned.

New York, New York City

If you and your partner have never been to New York or absolutely love it, then it would be perfect to ask the ultimate question in this world-famous city that never sleeps. See the backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge with the beautifully lit skyline during sunset, or the Bow Bridge in Central Park, which is used to create a romantic feeling in every New York movie like in the episode where Jim proposes to Pan in The Proposals. As NYC has so many iconic places, you could kneel down in a location featured in one of your favourite movies or series as one of our customer couples decided to do.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Best places for a marriage proposalIf you want an adventurous and at the same time, a romantic proposal to excite your partner to give you a yes, then making your proposal in a hot air balloon would not be a bad idea at all. But there are only a few places this activity truly leaves you breathless and Queenstown happens to be the best for that.

Make Proposal meaningful

You can select any of the places mentioned above to make your wedding proposal unforgettable and get your desired “yes” from your partner. We hope the above examples from our Ovadia clients are a great inspiration and enable you to work out what would blow your partner’s mind, even on a budget. Because, as we’ve found, it’s not about how expensive and famous the proposal location is, it’s about the significance and meaning it has for the love between the partners about to tie the knot. That’s why we value custom made and bespoke wedding jewellery that reflects the uniqueness of each couple.