Best Jewellery Repair Tips by Ovadia Jewellery in Hatton Garden

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A piece of jewellery is an item that is meant to be worn more than one time.

Women, in particular, give their pieces of jewellery various significance. Whether we are talking about their engagement ring or the diamond earrings handed down over generations, any woman wants her jewellery to last forever.

However, accidents can happen, and you might need to have your jewellery repaired. Time is also a factor that puts its footprint on an original jewellery glow.

In such moments, you need a professional to take care of your precious jewellery pieces. Our experts at Ovadia Jewellery can perform any jewellery alterations and repairs with maximum professionalism and skill.

So, if you are looking for one of the best solutions for jewellery repairs in London, then Ovadia’s Hatton Garden shop is the answer.

We perform jewellery repairs in London for engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, earrings or any other pieces to revive your precious treasures.

So, why should you get us to repair your jewellery? Find out more below.

Best Tips on Jewellery Repairs in Central London by Ovadia Jewellery

Give this critical job to an expert

How would you feel if you noticed, one day, that your wedding ring needs serious repair?

The first thing you would do is search for “jewellery repair in London near me.” You will be surprised to see how many results you receive for jewellery repairs in London.

However, you should filter these results carefully. First, you should ensure that you will leave your piece of jewellery in the hands of trustworthy and experienced experts. They should be able to demonstrate their expertise with some certifications and a vast portfolio of repair works.

Ovadia Jewellery provides jewellery repairs by trained jewellery artisans who know how important each piece of jewellery is for the owner. Each team member has extensive experience in dealing with all types of jewellery repairs.

Thus, the next time you search for “ring repair near me,” you can trust Ovadia Jewellery as a good option and they’re located in the heart of London so you could just drop and collect it on the go.

Do extensive research

Once you type the phrase “jewellery repair near me” on Google, you will be overwhelmed with the results received. Apart from having a high sentimental value for you, any piece of jewellery had cost you money when you bought it. So, it is normal not to trust anyone who says that they can fix it.

There are various tips that you can use to find the best jewellery repair professional for your needs. You can create a shortlist with the places identified when you did the first search. Once you have 3-5 craftsmen that seem to be trustful, you can ask your friends and relatives whether they have worked with any of them.

Another option would be to check their reviews on Trustpilot and their social media to learn more about the craftsmen that you selected. Also, you shouldn’t refine your choice solely based on the price. Price matters, but you should have several other criteria before you make the selection like a reputation for example.

At Ovadia Jewellery, we are proud to have reached a balanced combination between price and expertise. Therefore, when our clients search for jewellery alterations services near them and discover our shop in Hatton Garden, we can give them all the reasons and evidence to choose us.

Take your jewellery to be polished and cleaned regularly

jewellery polishingEven though you take extensive care of your jewellery, it will still get dirty or flawed over time. If your jewellery is not adequately taken care of, it will lead to your jewellery getting broken and needing repairs.

Therefore, you can trust our experts at Ovadia Jewellery to take a look at your jewellery and clean and maintain its beauty and value regularly. Our trained technicians can take care of any piece of jewellery, apart from watches. We help you extend the life of your engagement ring, necklace, or pearl earrings that you so much love.

Taking your jewellery to regular polishing and cleaning will help you prevent any major repair works in the future. As each piece of jewellery has an outstanding sentimental value for you, it is better to make it a habit and visit Ovadia for a regular clean-up.

Wrapping Up Tips on Jewellery Repairs in Central London

Each piece of jewellery is essential and can be worn for an extended period if you take care of it properly. Therefore, apart from cleaning it regularly and paying attention to how you wear it, you should also visit your trusted jewellery shop regularly, for polishing and professional cleaning and maintenance.

At Ovadia Jewellery we are proud to work with some of the best jewellery craftsmen who know how valuable each piece of jewellery is for our clients. So, don’t wait too long until you come and visit our jewellery shop in Hatton Garden!