3 important bridesmaids jewellery trends to consider for the bride

Bridesmaids Jewellery Trends

What could be more beautiful than being a bride? Many young girls would say: being a bridesmaid! One of its biggest advantages is that you can do it countless times.

While being a bridesmaid is beautiful, everyone knows that it isn’t so easy. When a future bride chooses her bridesmaid, she usually selects her best friends. Therefore, considering the close relationship between the two, the bridesmaid’s interest is to look spectacular. She must look elegant yet comfortable, as this is a busy day for her too.

Things to consider when putting together the bridesmaid’s look

Before choosing the perfect outfit for your bridesmaids, you should establish the wedding’s theme. As you know them very well, you will know exactly what type of dress to order, also respecting the central theme. The jewellery set for a wedding is also a perfect choice for this occasion. Bridesmaids jewellery are some of the best gift ideas for wedding jewellery sets in the UK.

At Ovadia, you will find some great ideas for your perfect bridesmaid presentsDepending on your budget, in our Hatton Garden Jewellery shop, you can find various bridesmaid jewellery sets that match with their personality as well.

One of the golden rules when choosing the jewellery for your bridesmaids is to involve them in the entire process. Even though you know them very well, it is always better to ask them to come with you to the jewellery shop and choose the accessories together.

Get some inspiration from the trendiest ideas for bridesmaid gift ideas and how they fit in with different wedding themes.

Trendy bridesmaids jewellery trends

  1. Pearls for a wedding on the beach

    Beach weddings are among the most popular. They eliminate the monotony of an enclosed space, being also incredibly romantic. The nuns and their guests can enjoy the hot sand, the smell of salt and clear water, together with a beautiful view and breath-taking sunset. Usually, the theme of a beach wedding is created around light outfits, natural materials and lots of flowers.

    As for the jewellery, they must fit perfectly with the decor. Our recommendation would be to choose a piece of jewellery containing natural pearls. At Ovadia, you can find stunning wedding pearl jewellery sets as we keep up with the trends in bridesmaids jewellery. To make the gift even more personal, you can put it in a personalised bridesmaid jewellery box or have them engraved by our specialist designers.

  2. Diamonds for a garden party wedding

    Garden Party Wedding bridesmaids JewelleryA garden party wedding offers the organizers plenty of theme options to choose from. In this context, the bridesmaids are usually wearing outfits with floral prints or with different elements from nature. You won’t have any restriction in terms of the colour for the dresses. However, if you want your bridesmaids to stand out, you should opt for rather vibrant colours.

    A bridesmaid’s dress for a garden party wedding can be successfully accessorized with a neutral yet glamorous diamond bracelet. Diamonds will always be a woman’s best friend. So, when you offer it to your bridesmaids, you show your appreciation and gratitude for all the years they stood next to you as your best friends.

  3. Sapphires for art deco weddings

    For such an elegant event, the bridesmaids’ outfits are spectacular. Thus, their accessories should also be opulent. They could wear gloves adorned with sparkling rings and accessorize their hair with feathers.

    You can’t go wrong in creating a glamorous look by choosing a sapphire pendant, or an art deco diamond ring. Despite the luxury theme, you should also keep a balance when choosing the accessories for your bridesmaids and try to involve them as much as possible when choosing their jewellery.

    A bridesmaid must be beautiful and elegant, but she shouldn’t exaggerate wearing too many accessories and overshadow the bride.

Individual bridesmaids jewellery reflecting you

Wedding preparations come with a lot of effort and expenses.

determine-what-diamonds-you-want-to-buy-at-OvadiaThinking that you should take care of your bridesmaids’ outfit and gifts too can be overwhelming. You can talk with the Ovadia Jewellery experts in London’s Hatton Garden to get the help you need to find affordable yet matching bridesmaid jewellery sets.

Bridesmaid presents represent a sign of gratitude for their involvement to make the bride’s day the best of her life.

Whether you choose a diamond or jewellery set with semiprecious stones such as quartz or topaz as a bridesmaids gift, you shouldn’t forget to personalise it and make the entire experience a beautiful memory.

At Ovadia, you can find some of the most spectacular bridesmaid gifts in the UK, matching even the pickiest of tastes. Share your ideas and feelings with our experts, and we will help you find what you need and keep the pace with current bridesmaid jewellery trends.