Expert Guide For Buying The Ideal Wedding Jewellery: Top 15 Tips

When it comes to your wedding, every single detail counts, right? From the décor to the flowers to the selection of the venue, everything is meticulously chosen to make it a memorable day. This should also be the case when it comes to choosing wedding jewellery.

All eyes will be on you on this momentous day – from your dress to your hair, your make up to your bouquet. When you walk down the aisle, you want to look the way you had envisioned with the intention to create a lasting memory for all the guests and especially your partner.

And one way to make this day extra special is by choosing the right jewellery for you and your partner on this wonderful occasion.

However, that’s easier said than done. Many people don’t know where to start their search and what actually suits them. Sapphires? Rubies? Diamonds?

When it comes to wedding jewellery the possibilities are endless and it’s advisable to consult jewellery experts. At Ovadia Jewellery, we have helped many couples to identify, create and wear their most favourite jewellery pieces on their wedding day. This experience has inspired us to create a guide on buying the ideal wedding jewellery.

Follow our suggestions and you shall not be disappointed on one of the most important days of your life!

Tip 1: Try new things, don’t be afraid to experiment

When it comes to wedding jewellery, these days a matching set of the same necklace, bracelet and earrings just won’t do. It’s all about mixing and matching pieces that go well together. Jewellery should be a reflection of your unique individuality and this can shine through in your choice. Whatever appeals to you, whether it is a certain style or theme, go right ahead and try it on, if you feel it would be a beautiful piece to wear on your wedding day. When it comes to choosing different pieces, be sure to ensure the ornaments have a similar finish so that they complement each other rather than clash.

At our Hatton Garden Jewellery Boutique, we offer a wide selection of earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings coming in different styles, metals and gemstones. We will be happy to help you identify which styles and pieces will work best for you and your wedding outfit.

Tip 2: Consider the wedding gown/suit

The great thing about wedding dresses and suits is that they come in very unique styles and cuts. When it comes to choosing what works, one of the key aspects of selecting your wedding ensemble is considering the style of the wedding dress/suit you would walk down the aisle in. When it comes to picking the perfect wedding dress/suit, so many factors come to mind:

  • The cut,
  • the fabric,
  • the colours
  • the type of neckline (for the dress),
  • and so many other factors make each dress truly unique in its own way.

Therefore, some might see a dress/suit they fall in love with at first sight while others spend many hours having their wedding outfits fitted perfectly.

For the design of the wedding dress, its neckline will guide you in selecting the right wedding jewellery, especially the most ideal pendant:

  • A gown with a sweetheart or strapless neckline goes well with a choker, short necklace or a multi-strand wedding necklace. This elongates the neck, making the neckline striking while adding height to your profile.
  • For a wedding frock that is intricate and has many embellishments, a simple pair of elegant diamond studs or pearl wedding earrings will be sure to enhance your bridal look.
  • For a V-neck gown, you can choose to wear a simple pendant necklace. This gives you a tall, regal look that is absolutely stunning.
  • If the neckline is a halter or reverses halter, one alternative could be to do something snazzy to your hair and do without a neckpiece altogether.
  • To add a touch of elegance, a simple bracelet is enough to add a touch of glamour to your ensemble. For a detailed neckline, choosing chandelier earrings would bring out the cut of the gown and add a touch of glamour.

For the wedding suit the wedding ornaments should mainly match with the colours and style:

  • Should you decide to wear rings, apart from your wedding and engagement ring, you should match your other metal accessories, such as necklaces. A wooden or hybrid (wood and metal) ring could be a great alternative if your suit is more casual.
  • Wearing a necklace with your suit? You should be careful! It ideally is a subtle accent to your personality and overall outfit. Bear in mind that it will be hidden behind your shirt unless you’ve opted for a suit with a V-neck and not tie.
  • When choosing to wear earrings, you should be aware that they can draw a lot of attention away from your face. So, keep them subtle and in tune with the colours of your suit.

Tip 3: Take into consideration the colour of your gown

Wedding Dress Match With JewelleryAnother factor to consider is the colour of your wedding outfit. This is because some colours go well with others, while others do not complement each other at all. For ivory-toned gowns, gold jewellery is the way to go while for platinum gowns, choose silver pieces. If your gown has hues of pink, then rose gold jewellery works wonderfully. Some opt for darker colours and the challenge here is that you don’t want your jewellery to be overwhelmingly bright and shiny in contrast. Unless you love the dramatic look.

Our Ovadia jewellery experts can advise you on the ideal gemstones and metals to complement your wedding ensembles so there’s no fashion faux pas ruining your celebration of love.

Tip 4: Remember to keep things simple

Sometimes, less is more, and this is even more applicable when it comes to your wedding and your wedding outfit. This means that you can keep it simple and beautiful and you can do this with these tips in hand:

  • If you have a one-shoulder dress, wearing a necklace just won’t work. You can opt for a pair of eye-catching earrings or a thick bracelet since the asymmetrical dress speaks for itself. Sometimes less is more when it comes to making a statement on your big day.
  • One way of keeping things simple and to avoid going overboard is to choose one feature you would like to accentuate. Focus on that and keep everything else simple.
  • If you have an elaborate dress/suit, let it be the focal point, keep your jewellery simple yet classy.
  • If going for a classically cut dress/suit, you can choose more intricate ornaments that showcase the beautiful and unique cut of your gown.
  • If not sure about what embellishments to choose or what type of necklace to wear, then you can choose to wear a diamond bracelet and diamond earrings. You’ll never go wrong a perfectly matched combination of the two.

See our recommendations for buying the best diamond rings in London on our blog:

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Tip 5: Select timeless jewellery

You can always go for the classical, timeless piece such as a pearl pendant and pearl wedding earrings to match for a truly classic and timeless look. Another timeless set are wedding diamond earrings, which are stunning and will never go out of style.

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Tip 6: Think of your wedding jewellery for the long term

When it comes to choosing your wedding jewellery, one aspect to consider is whether you can wear the pieces over and over again. The best decoration is the type that can be worn for other occasions too. Imagine the pieces you choose with your work outfit or better yet, with an elegant evening gown. If it would go well with a dress, you have in your wardrobe or a dress you have in mind, then that would be a definite match. One way of choosing ideal wedding jewellery is not to stray too far from your personal style and preference; or else you’ll wear it once and lock them up in a jewellery box, never to be worn again.

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Tip 7: Try on your veil, tiara or headpiece

This is one feature some forget to include when putting together their outfit and embellishments for their big day. When choosing your headpiece, wear every piece of jewellery you intend to put on to see how everything complements each other. Your accessories should work together rather than compete for attention.

Tip 8: Show your hands and feet some TLC (tender love and care)

As the wedding day draws closer, many brides and grooms feel pressed for time trying to get everything ready. It’s important to set time aside for your mani-pedi. This is because your photographer will take close-up shots of you and your wedding rings and will capture all aspects of your appearance. You want to ensure your hands and feet look their very best in those once in a lifetime keepsakes. You can always choose a subtle nude or French polish to keep it classy or add a bit of colour that goes well with your outfit.

Tip 9: Choose the theme

Vintage or modern? Another factor to consider is what your wedding is all about. What look are you going for? Does it lean towards a vintage or are you going for a modern look and feel? This will help you put together your wedding outfit and decide what jewellery to choose from. Some couples reflect their passion in their wedding theme like “Starwars” or “Beach/summer flair”.  We’d, therefore, suggest you first find you wedding outfits as the wedding jewellery is the less “in your face” item. If your gowns are modern, then you can choose gems that stand out and pop. For a more bohemian or rustic wedding, you can consider antique jewellery.

Tip 10: Choose what you are comfortable in

it’s always important that on your wedding day, you choose what works for you. The dress/suit should fit well and allow room for movement; shoes need to be comfortable for the simple fact that you’ll be on your feet for a long period. Comfort is also an important criterion for your wedding jewellery. How does the necklace feel on your neck? Does it feel right, and is it easy to wear, or does it feel foreign or heavy? Go with your gut on this because not all pieces feel the same. So be sure to try it on, give it some time and see how you feel about it. Keep in mind that if it feels heavy or slightly off, then it will be even more pronounced on your wedding day since you’ll probably be wearing it for the longer part of the day. At Ovadia Jewellery we invite all our customers to try the items they like on first, especially if they have never worn the materials before.

Confortable Jewellery - jewellery buying guide

Tip 11: Focus on quality

You might be worried about the price of everything; the venue, the band, the flowers. Weddings can be a costly affair. You might be tempted to try and reduce wedding costs and save in a few areas to keep within budget, and one thing you might be tempted to do is get cheaper jewellery.  Think of your wedding ornaments as timeless and priceless; something you treasure that can be handed down from generation to generation and good quality can last a lifetime.

Tip 12: Give yourself enough time to choose your wedding Jewellery

With so much happening and with so many things to get done before the big day, be sure to make jewellery a priority and set time aside for this. This is especially important for your wedding rings; you’ll need to pick a jeweller, see what pieces they have, compare pricing, have them fitted which takes time as well then you need to set time to go collect the rings when they are ready. All this requires planning, and since your wedding rings are an important part of your day and are pieces you’ll have for a long period, it is best to decide on a design and have your rings ready well before the wedding date. For the other pieces like your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, you can either opt to buy them off the shelf with the added advantage that the main role is to find pieces that work for you. However, if you would like bespoke custom-made jewellery or want to have it made just for you, you would need to plan this well in advance. You might have to give even up to 3 months to have it made. So, don’t rush when it comes to selecting the right wedding jewellery.

Tip 13: Change jewellery for the reception

Jewellery has the power to transform a look instantly, so for the reception, you can choose to change your look by wearing different ornaments. If you plan to let your hair down, wearing jewellery that reflects the occasion is the way to go. Besides, you can choose to let your personality shine and choose bolder, more daring pieces at the reception without anyone batting an eye.

Tip 14: Accept family heirlooms

When it comes to families and traditions, this can be a sensitive topic, and if given an heirloom to wear, it’s a good idea to wear it even though it might not be in your style or preference. This will go a long way to cementing family bonds and ties and respecting the families wishes. After the ceremony, you are free to take it off and wear what you like.

Tip 15: Consider gems as part of the wedding theme

Jewellery Theme - jewellery buying tipsPearls these days come in practically any colour, and you can request your bridesmaids to get jewellery that matches the wedding theme. Another alternative is that you can gift your bridesmaids their wedding jewellery. Gifting your bridesmaids is a great way to show your appreciation and is a wonderful moment they will never forget. They will also be sure to appreciate having their decoration taken care of since they will already have spent money on their own dresses and shoes. You can let them choose their own pieces if it’s within the theme so that they can decide what suits them best.

Match your wedding jewellery with your taste, theme, clothes and budget!

Hopefully, by now you will feel more confident about finding and purchasing your perfect jewellery pieces for your nuptials. Or at least, you feel inspired to come to our jewellery shop in London’s Hatton Garden to have a chat with us about your plans. Get the wedding look you want without compromising.

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