Do men’s and women’s engagement rings have to match?

Matching engagement rings for him and her

Engagement rings mark the beginning of a new journey. It is a time-honoured tradition that involves quite a few etiquettes.

One of the most frequently asked questions by both the bride and groom-to-be is “do our engagement rings have to match?” Since it is a critical time that demands several decision-making steps including choosing the actual engagement ring for the significant other, we get it you’re puzzled.

When is it necessary for engagement rings to match?

An engagement ring is an integral part of a marriage proposal. It represents the unspoken and spoken promises you are going to make before you embark on a beautiful journey together.

Traditionally, the groom-to-be pays for the engagement ring. Therefore, he must consider his significant other’s style, personality type, and finger size.

Rose Gold Matching engagement rings

And these are only a few of the factors that go into choosing the right engagement ring.

If you are thinking of flaunting an engagement ring the entire time your SO wears theirs, that’s incredibly thoughtful. Although it is not mandatory for the man to wear an engagement ring too, you might choose to wear one due to family traditions or because you hosted a formal engagement party.

Men in many families wear an engagement ring until they replace them with the wedding ring on their wedding day.

Why should your engagement ring match hers?

Engagement rings for couplesWhile choosing a man’s engagement ring isn’t difficult, it does beg the extra attention to detail since there should be some parity between the two engagement rings you and your beloved wear till your special day. Keep it simple, buy a pair.

Matching rings show that you have similar tastes, and at the same time, you are ready to undertake the unknown journey in stride with each other irrespective of the odds. They are the cohesive expression of the love you share.

What’s our take on non-matching engagement rings?

Non-matching engagement rings are not deal-breakers either. Distinct wedding rings for the man and the woman signify that each has their unique styles. Moreover, just because two rings are different in looks, does not mean they will have nothing in common. You can get matching engravings, same or complementary gemstones or your birthstones, or the stones of the months you fell in love on two very different bands for your engagement.

Birthstone Couple Engagement Rings

Wedding rings typically replace the engagement ring for the man. Many women choose to wear their engagement rings and wedding rings stacked together long after their marriage day. So, in addition to worrying about your ring style matching your significant other’s, you should also consider the design of the wedding ring that you will wear forever after the “I Do’s”.

It is a practice to purchase wedding rings that match for the man and the woman. If your significant other wants to wear their wedding ring only after your special day, you should spend more time looking for a set of wedding rings that match, instead of worrying about your engagement ring design.

How to be sure about a design?

The best way to make sure you are buying the right ring for both of you – take her along when you shop. Unless, of course, the proposal is a surprise!

Always talk about the designs and styles you like. Who knows? Maybe secretly she has always wanted a steampunk-themed engagement ring just like the one you like.

Simply come to our Ovadia Jewellery shop in Hatton Garden to try on some of our stunning and unique engagement rings so you figure out which style is right for you and your partner.

A Guide to Finding the Right Engagement Rings for Men

In recent years, men have become more involved with choosing engagement rings not just for their other half, but for themselves. Traditionally, the ancient Romans began giving “betrothal rings” as a physical representation that a woman was “taken”, so men wouldn’t wear engagement rings. However, today traditional gender roles are more fluid and the act of proposing isn’t just a man’s job – men may equally be presented with a ring to wear during the engagement period.

What kind of engagement rings do men wear?

Engagement Rings for Men

choosing engagement rings symbolize the unity of two people loving each other and their never-ending love between them. “Usually, brides prefer more elegant, feminine jewellery, whereas grooms prefer rings that are simpler or plainer.” according to Hannah, owner of Ovadia Jewellery in London’s prestigious Hatton Garden. This is reflected in their offerings of engagement and wedding rings for men as you can see below.


Which metal is preferred for the male engagement ring?

If the engagement ring is the first accessory in the life of the groom, he might find it slightly challenging to choose from a large selection of men’s engagement rings.

But most men fall for durable metals such as silver, white gold and platinum, which are also popular metals among young people. White gold contains nickel and platinum is more expensive but hypoallergenic. These metals can be easily combined with different outfits of men’s wardrobes. The older generation of men opts for the traditional gold.

Challenges of choosing an engagement ring for a man

Buying an engagement ring is a crucial process as this piece of jewellery will be worn for a long time. The main criteria by which grooms choose an engagement ring are fundamentally different from women:

  1. Convenience

    Men prefer a nicely fitting ring that isn’t’ uncomfortable to wear and doesn’t interfere with work.

  2. Pricing policy

    Compared to women, men try to save and choose a rather simple ring.

  3. Design

    Simplicity is the most common theme. Fancy patterns or precious stones do not really matter to men.

Why engagement rings reflect the oneness

Identical or similarly looking jewellery symbolizes the integrity, unity of a young family, complementing each other. This should be reflected in the engagement rings of the couple.


Brides love accessories decorated with precious stones. Grooms are more likely to go for plain rather than shiny rings. And according to The Knot’s 2019 Jewelry & Engagement Study, the most popular centre stones are diamonds making up 83% of all jewels. One great alternative to traditional engagement rings are open rings as they are equally liked by men and women. Overlapping rings that offer a different style are another alternative where the golden diamond ring for the bride a gem in titanium is suitable compromises.

Show your imagination and research some engagement jewellery trends before deciding! Or come to the Ovadia Jewellery shop for an engagement ring consultation. Try on a ring or two to see which metal and style works best for you.

How Much Should You Pay For A Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Prices

Apparently, there is always that money question concerning the amount one should spend on a ring.

This brings us to the most common perception of engagement rings. When people think about getting married, the first thing to hit their mind is a diamond ring.

However, a new trend is emerging – Rose Gold Engagement rings are swiftly becoming one of the most popular choices of rings in the UK. If you’re looking for a ring that comes with a unique, classy and stunning look at a price you can afford then see some of the best designs for rose gold engagement rings here.

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This article comprehensively covers the various rose gold engagement rings, current trends, styles and a wide range of prices. Read on and find your true rose gold engagement ring style, which you can have brought to life at our Ovadia shop in London’s Hatton Garden district.

The prices and rings presented here to offer ideas of trendy rose gold rings to help you identify what could work for you. Please speak to our experienced diamond ring experts at Ovadia for more detailed information about creating your very own and individual rose gold engagement ring.

  1. 14K Rose Gold Presentation Solitaire (Six Prong)


    The rose gold ring covers most of the bespoke designs and can be set to match various diamond shapes like round, oval, marquise, pear and heart shapes. In other words, you’ll have a variety of designs to turn to with this ring model.

    Price: starts at $180

    Metal/ Carat Weight: 14K Rose Gold

    Dimensions: 2mm width and 1.5” length

  2. Rose Gold Cable Solitaire Diamond Ring

    rose-gold-cable-rope-design-ringWith a set price of $367, this rose gold diamond ring contains twisted gold cables to form an alluring background for the central diamond. If you want a matching wedding band, this vintage rose gold engagement ring comes in a variety of styles and options.

    The ring can be set to match numerous shapes should you be looking for a bespoke engagement ring. Some of these shapes include the round, radiant, emerald marquise, princess, oval, heart and many more with a distinct style.

    Metal Type/Carat: 14K Rose Gold

    Dimensions: 2.00-2mm with 2.6” length

  3. Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings with an Etched Profile

    Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings with an Etched ProfileBesides the influence from its vintage Hollywood style, the ring also features an etched rope. It is a simple solitaire rose gold engagement ring that exhibits a distinctive feeling of elegance.

    This vintage rose gold engagement ring can be set with round, radiant emerald oval, marquise, pear, heart, cushion and princess shapes. The ring starts at a price of $ 375.

    Metal type/Carat weight: 14K Rose Gold

    Dimensions: 2.4mm width 2” length

  4. Sleek 1.5mm Comfort-Fit Rose-Coloured Diamond Ring

    Sleek 1.5mm Rose Gold RingSleek 1.5mm Rose Gold Ring this British rose gold diamond ring is priced at $ 420. Like most of the bespoke rose gold rings, it can accommodate various diamond shapes like pear, heart, marquise, princess, oval, round along with many more for your beautiful unique style.

    Carat Weight: 14K Rose Gold

    Dimension: 1.5mm width

  5. 18k Rose Gold Vatche Felicity Solitaire Engagement Ring

    18k-rose-gold-vatche-1513-felicity-solitaire-engagement-ring-A stunning 18k rose gold engagement ring that comes with a stylish take of a classy solitaire ring design. It is one of the greatest stylish rose gold engagement rings in the UK. It features some smooth flowing lines that exhibit a timeless appearance.

    When it comes to bespoke styles and designs, the ring matches different sizes and shapes such as round, pear, heart, princess and any other great design you can want. But be ready to pay a price of $900.

    Carat Weight: 18k

    Setting Price: $900

  6. Classic Truth Sleek Micro Pave Rose Gold Ring


    This micro pave rose gold engagement ring is a captivating ring that sets with the ‘truth’ signature from Brian Gavin. This favourite rose engagement rose gold ring comes with a diamond-set micro pave deco line.

    Although it features a variety of bespoke designs, the rose gold engagement ring has a carat weight of 18k and therefore costs up to $ 1,590. Like many of the rose gold engagement rings, it features a wide range of popular diamond shapes such as pear, heart, princess, round and many others.

    Carat Weight: 18k

    Setting Price: $1,590

  7. 18k Rose Gold Ritani Bezel Set Halo Diamond Solitaire

    18k-rose-gold-ritani-bezel-set-halo-diamond-solitaire-engagement-ringIt features the famous design of most rose gold diamond rings in the UK. Also, it comes with a characteristic halo that often sparkles with a bezel set stone at the centre. The halo forms an illusion of one large diamond when viewed from a distance.

    This Rose Gold Ritani ring has a carat weight of 18k with a price of $1,970. It can be set with round, pear, heart, and many other diverse shapes and sizes to match your bespoke style.

    Carat Weight: 18k

    Setting Price: $2,165

  8. The Anita Halo Brian Gavin Signature Collection

    The Anita Halo Brian Gavin Signature CollectionThe Anita Halo rose gold ring uses the cushion-shaped halo to affect the centre stone and it adds a gentle touch to the ring’s appearance. The ring also comes with a heart-shaped motif which is carved along the side profile of it.

    The Anita halo engagement ring collection features all kinds of bespoke rose gold engagement rings. It can be set with some engravings and multiple diamond shapes such as round, pear, heart marquise, princess and more.

    Touching on the ring’s details, it comes with a carat weight of 18k and will set you back by around $ 2,250.

    Carat Weight: 18k

    Setting Price: $2,250

  9. 18k Rose Gold Tacori Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Rose Gold Tacori Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement RingThe ring has an infused modern and still conventional mood style. The melee diamonds lie at the side of an extremely polished shank of rose gold. Another notable feature is the twinkling effect created by spotlight enhancers.

    The 18k rose gold Tacori ring features the most bespoke ring designs, shapes and sizes. However, it comes with a carat weight of 18k and settles at a thrilling price of $ 2,410. The ring has a lot of modern characteristics that clearly highlight what you pay for.

    Carat Weight: 18k

    Setting Price: $2,410

  10. Simon G Passion Rose Gold Engagement Ring

    Passion Rose Gold Engagement RingThis Simon G designer rose gold ring has a central stone which is encircled by a diamond halo. With the shank-lining row of diamonds, the melee diamond stones add a striking sparkle to the whole piece.

    The rose gold engagement ring comes with a carat weight of 18k and at an impressive price of $2, 596. It also comes with a variety of shapes and designs to ensure your distinct bespoke style is always provided.

    Carat weight:18k

    Setting Price: $2,596

  11. The Elle Ring – The Rainer Collection

    The Elle Ring - The Rainer CollectionIt’s a bold and modern rose gold ring with a twisted vintage inspiration. The ring is designed to create a tapered shank and french set melees. The magnificent gift of love featured by the ring leaves every head-turning.

    A 14k carat weight rose gold engagement ring that can also be designed to match your desired style as it features all bespoke forms and engravings. The popular shapes to go with the ring include heart, princess, round marquise, pear and more.

    The most expensive 14k carat rose gold ring with a price of $3,010 so ensure you check carefully if this is what you’re looking for.

    Carat weight: 14k

    Setting price: $3,010

  12. 20k Rose Gold Verragio Half Eternity Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.

    Rose Gold Diamond Engagement RingAre you looking for a great deal rose gold engagement ring? With plenty of embellishments and engravings, the catchy felicity ring comes at a price of $5,250. It is one of the greatest rose gold diamond rings in the UK.

    This rose gold engagement ring comes with 20k carat weight/metal type. However, it also settles at various bespoke carat weights, sizes and shapes. Some of the most featured shapes include the heart shape, pear, princess, round and other popular shapes.

    The ring is an exquisite creation with finely selected diamonds. For additional brilliance, the ring also features a crafted halo around the center.

    Carat weight: 20k

    Setting Price: $5,250

Hopefully, one of the suggested top sellers among rose gold engagement rings listed here have provided you with a clearer picture of which style, shape, carat weight and price range you can and want to go for.

Arrange a free consultation with our engagement ring specialists at Ovadia Jewellery to discuss how your ideal rose gold engagement ring can be realized.

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