The Latest Diamond Jewellery Trends To Inspire Your Bespoke Jewellery Piece

diamond jewellery trends 2019

A diamond is a lady’s best friend.

Diamonds last forever, and their shine never fades. The trend of adorning beautiful diamond jewellery pieces has been in existence since times immemorial.

Diamond jewellery pieces are high in demand amongst the fashionistas all around the world. Be it for making a style statement or flaunting one’s personal collection of bespoke diamond pieces – women & men alike love adorning the latest designs of diamond fashion accessories. Ovadia – a leading jewellery store in the world-famous Hatton Garden, aims at utilizing the latest diamond jewellery trends for presenting its unique collection of bespoke jewellery pieces for the modern buyers.

Hot diamond jewellery trends 2019 are expected to be bold and stylish at the same time.

Whether you need to go to a late-night event or wish to dress up stylishly for a special occasion, diamond pieces are great for any outfit or ensemble for creating the perfect look throughout. Often perceived as the stand-out piece in any fashion ensemble, diamond jewellery pieces are known to evoke eye-popping glitz, heirloom romance, or cutting-edge glam to your everyday look.

Whether it is an engagement ring or a beautiful chain with an elegant diamond pendant, diamond wedding rings, or even loose diamonds – 2019 is the time to adorn daring diamond pieces to set a style statement for yourself.

Top Diamond Jewellery Trends to Look Out for

If you are a diamond-lover and love flaunting your personal diamond collection, here are some of the latest diamond jewellery trends as explained by the jewellery experts at Ovadia in the United Kingdom, for your ultimate collection:

  • Diamond Earrings for All

    Diamond Earrings - diamond jewellery trends 2019While you can lately observe on the red carpets of world-class events like the Golden Globes and the Oscars, diamond earrings continue reigning as the topmost accessory for fashionable catwalks. As the autumn & winter fashion era approaches, diamond earrings become highly prominent. This is because multi-purpose diamond earrings are not limited to any specific type of clothing – including open necks, long sleeves and more.

    Right from elaborate diamond curtains to ultra-slim threads, the cascade diamond silhouettes present a wonderful opportunity to flaunt your love for this precious stone. Head-turning modern earrings –especially the ones with oversized hoops & super fine bands, are breathing new life into the latest diamond jewellery trends.

  • Vintage-inspired Pieces

    Diamond jewellery that has been inspired by the timeless designs of the Edwardian, Victorian, and unique art decoration ideas always tend to enjoy a faithful following of the fashion enthusiasts. If you wish to add extra glam to your everyday look, you can look out for pieces that feature intricate architectural designs or scrollwork of art decoration jewellery items. Diamond experts like Ovadia Jewellers explain that you can also search for Victorian-style bracelets, necklaces, and earrings depicting floral romance.

    Provenance pieces of diamond jewellery are also highly sought-after by jewellery-lovers all around the world. These pieces are known to contain a diamond depicting a rich history and then recorded in notes, books, and journals. With this classic diamond jewellery, you can be assured that you are wearing something having a rich, trendy background while the story of the jewellery piece depicting a special conversational tone.

  • Vintage-styled Rings

    Heritage influences have been lately extended to classic rings in which timeless heirloom styles have subtle updates with a greater focus on larger proportions of the stone. During the medieval times, cocktail diamond rings were known to sport a large, central piece of halo-surrounded stone along with the three-dimensional form of sculptural styles. These statement pieces are coming back in the modern era only to boost the sparkling effects of the ageless diamond stones.

  • Unique Diamond Shapes

    With the advent of the latest diamond cutting technologies, modern designers have become quite daring when it comes to adopting new designs for bespoke diamond jewellery pieces. You can come across a wide range of unique, fancy diamond stone shapes & designs to enrich your piece of jewellery – be it a diamond engagement ring, a wedding ring, a diamond pendant, and more.

    You can look forward to trying out the beautiful, fancy, and innovative shapes as well as designs of the latest diamond stones to stand out from the others. Give your jewellery fashion a classic modern diamond vibe to make the most of the latest diamond jewellery trends. You can keep aside designer shapes & designs of modern diamond pieces – right from oval shapes to round diamond pieces, princess and heart shapes – the leading designers at Ovadia are also making use of the modern diamond trends to create pieces that are a visual treat.

  • Custom or Personalized Diamond Pieces

    The modern era is all about customization when it comes to enhancing the overall user experience. As such, diamond merchants, as well as service providers all around the world, emphasize the importance of delivering diamond jewellery pieces that come with a personalized touch.

    Personalized Diamond- jewelry trends 2019Whether you dream of a particular diamond stone shape or wish something to be engraved uniquely in your diamond jewellery, the leading diamond stores like Ovadia can deliver customized results as per your unique requests. When you own a customized piece of diamond jewellery, it creates a unique feeling that it is yours in a special way. Custom designs can commence with heirloom diamond pieces that you can consider updating. Otherwise, the custom designs can be achieved successfully through a 3D drawing and some loose diamond stones to create your ideal jewellery piece.

Fashion in diamond jewellery does not happen overnight. It tends to evolve over time. While diamonds became too mainstream some years back, the latest design trends have been gaining momentum in the recent era.

In the coming years, you can expect many more such trends evolving in the modern jewellery industry. The diamond experts at Ovadia understand the importance of adopting the latest trends to get a hold of the upcoming jewellery fashion while making a style statement wherever you go.