Ultimate Ways To Buy The Best Value Diamond Engagement Ring

Knowing exactly how to go about finding and then buying the best diamond engagement ring can be quite an arduous task. To make this once in a lifetime monumental task easy for you, we have compiled sets of guidelines to act as comprehensive engagement ring buying advice.

How to buy the best value diamond engagement rings? 

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends and family

    The most straightforward way of finding a good jeweller is by simply appealing to family members and friends for suggestions. You will likely get more than a few referrals which leave you with the final decision. However, do not be in any haste to choose one specific jeweller based on the profusion of praise. Be sure to do some background work by yourself to find exactly what you’re looking for. Visit the jeweller’s website if they have one, start an email correspondence with the jeweller and finally make an actual physical visit to the jeweller once you sufficiently narrow down your list. You’ll find many jewellery shops in the famous Londoner Hatton Garden area so if you’re near there, have a wander and enquire about their diamond engagement ring selection.

  2. Consult the telephone directory for a jeweller

    Jewellers Directory - Best Value Diamond Ring

    Another equally straight forward way of finding a jeweller is to consult a thick volume telephone or listed jewellery business directory. This piece of advice might sound slightly old fashioned, but there is one advantage to using an actual physical directory. It is more likely for a long established jeweller to have contacts in a seemingly outdated physical telephone directory than for a newcomer to the business. Remember, it’s essential to choose a jeweller who has been in the business for a considerable time. If you lack time to embark on a Sherlock Holmes style quest for an established jeweller, then you can simply seek out an online jewellery business directory. The business directory will not only have a jeweller’s physical address and phone number, but it might also have the jeweller’s website and email address and a brief introduction. A website makes it possible for you to seek out any additional information about the jeweller such as work history and locations of subsidiary outlets. Remember, it’s possible to find a jeweller who makes great value engagement rings.

  3. Consult the GIA Alumni Association online directory

    Finally, to aid your search for the ideal jeweller specialising in large diamond engagement rings or white gold diamond engagement rings or platinum diamond engagement rings, consult the GIA. The acronym, GIA, stands for the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is the foremost international authority on the grading of diamonds. Any jeweller who is on the online Alumni list of this reputable organization, such as our talented Hannah, is worthy of being considered a senior professional in the field. However, you are bound to find many GIA certified professionals on the Alumni list, and therefore, your final judgment of choosing the actual jeweller still lies with you as the prospective buyer.

To support you with making this crucial decision, we have compiled some guidelines to identify a good jeweller and the quality of the diamond that you purchase:

  1. Qualities of a good jeweller
    Below is a list of the primary considerations you should take into account when choosing the ideal wedding diamond jewellery expert:

    • Reputation – the jeweller should be someone known for being exemplary in his/her line of work as ascertained from their past clientele
    • Work History – the jeweller should have worked in the diamond industry for more than 4 Years and also be up to date with the latest trends in the jewellery industry. He/she should be a diamond expert.
    • Open – the jeweller should be easy to talk to and someone who uses simple language to answer a client’s queries
    • The jeweller should be willing to provide an independent grading report on any diamond purchased. The report can be from the various gemological grading institutions such as GIA (see above), AGI, HRD or IGI
  2. Qualities of a good diamondBest Value Diamond Engagement Ring - Ovadia Jewellery

    1. Carat – this refers to the actual physical weight of the stone. The larger the diamond, the heavier it is and hence, the more carats it has. The more carats a diamond has the higher its cost.
    2. Colour – regarding diamonds, colour refers to the absence of colour within the stone. The more transparent a diamond is, the higher its colour grade.
    3. Cut – this refers to the number and arrangement of the individual facets on the diamond. The more elaborate the facets that a diamond has, the higher its cut grade.
    4. Clarity – this refers to the presence or absence of any physical flaws within the diamond itself or upon its surface. Flawless diamonds are way more expensive than those with flaws included.

Finally, remember the best day to buy a diamond is any day not preceding a holiday season or other notable days such as Easter, Christmas or Valentines.

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