Best Antique Jewellery London Repairs And Valuation Services At Ovadia

Antique Jewellery London Repairs And Valuation Services

Imagine this: a beautiful wedding ring, an antique family heirloom, the metallic shine of silver complementing the diamond-studded jewellery, a gold diamond ring glistening in the sunlight.

Alas, all it takes to spoil the experience is a blemish. If your jewellery has blemishes or is damaged, we know where it hurts. Right at the core of your soul!

It’s Common For Jewellery To Develop Blemishes. It’s On You To Get Them Removed

Nobody can love your jewellery as you do. But when it comes to repairing and removing blemishes, you need experts.

Ovadia is a family run business located in Hatton Garden, London, and we are pioneers in the jewellery repairs and valuation market. We have a great deal of experience in this business and pride ourselves on the work we do.

Our expertise goes beyond repairs as we truly try and understand our customer’s needs. But don’t take our word for it, see our reviews.

As professionals, we pride ourselves in jewellery repair and valuation. So if you have any jewellery that needs repairs or valuation, we would love to help.

For new customers, we provide this service for free.

We know you need to know more even before you’d show us your jewellery! Here are more reasons.

  1. We’re The Kind of Professionals You’d Entrust Your Jewellery With

    Ovadia brings years of experience with its team of valuation and repair experts. The brand has been in business for over 5 years. Expect us to know the ins & outs of the jewellery market.

    Feel confident in leaving damaged jewellery with us as we have trustworthy experts who have dedicated their lives to this industry. Our inhouse craftsmen know how important each piece of jewellery is and handle it with extreme care.

  2. We’re Trusted By Thousands!

    Ovadia’s credibility is evident in its reviews and their social media where you can learn more about the craftsmen and work they do. Our goal is to make you understand your jewellery, repair what’s broken, and to know its real market value. This is why we encourage you to check our reviews and gauge our credibility.

  3. A Family Run Jewellery Business, Focused on You

    Antique Jewellery Repairs - Family Run Jewellery Business

    Don’t feel like another person in a crowd. Your jewellery has a personal connection with you, so when you talk about anything related to jewellery, it has to be personal. Ovadia takes care of you, treats you like a friend, and makes sure you get the benefit you need from our service.

  4. We Do The Most Difficult of Repairs, Dexterously

    No two pieces of designer jewellery are the same. The cut of the diamond, the setting, the unique shade of the stones – it’s all so different from one ornament to the other.

    We understand and appreciate these differences, and adjust our repair services accordingly. Most of our customers ask us about repairs for rings with missing diamonds, wherein we help them find the perfect replacement diamond and fit it in the ring so it looks just like new.

Ovadia’s jewellery repairs and the designer team is adept at handling ornaments with multiple stones and uses the right cleaning and polishing methods keeping every little detail in mind. Ask us for ring stone tightening, prong re-tipping, and ring setting replacements of all types. We also do chain replacements, clasp repairs, watch repairs and pearl restringings.

What Next?

Antique Jewellery Valuation - Trusted Jewellers

Apart from repair and valuation services, our experts are also known for their expertise in cleaning jewellery. Regularly cleaned jewellery will last much longer and at Ovadia, we remind our customers to frequently bring their precious jewellery pieces in to have a “health-check”.

This especially applies if our jewellery craftsmen have created and designed your bespoke jewellery. They will know exactly what to consider and how to maintain its value for years to come. Their knowledge in all things jewellery make Ovadia a place you can trust and walk in to anytime to have your jewellery troubles sorted. Just contact our Ovadia team and ask us any questions regarding repairs, cleaning and other jewellery concerns.

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