How To Match Your Wedding Jewellery With Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding Dress Match With Jewellery

A wedding is one of the most important days of any happy couple. They look forward to this big event with anticipation and excitement.

The bride and groom hope everything will go well, and all the plans put together will work out beautifully in a lovely ceremony with family and friends by their side. When getting married there are many things to consider and the perfect look is one of them.

One aspect is, of course, the outfit. The bride and groom ensure they look their very best with a beautiful gown and well-cut suit respectively. What follows is to choose the accessories that accompany the wedding garments.

So, what are some of the factors to consider when matching wedding jewellery with wedding outfits especially for women?

Consider the wedding gown design

Each wedding dress has its own unique cut and style and choosing what works for the bride is one of the most important aspects of preparing for the wedding. After having gone through tons of magazines on bridal fashion trends as well as hundreds of wedding fashion websites, the bride walks into a bridal store with a few ideas in mind.

Choosing the perfect dress depends on the material, cut, fabric, neckline and so many other factors that make a dress the perfect match on the big day. So, once the choice is made, the next step is to work out which accessories and jewellery go well with the wedding dress.

But how do you choose the right accessories to go with your dress?

Matching Wedding Dress And Jewellery

A wedding gown with a strapless or sweetheart neckline:

Pair it perfectly with a short necklace, choker or a multi-strand wedding necklace. This makes the neck look longer and makes the neckline truly stand out, adding height to her profile.

A wedding gown with a V-neck:

One of the best options is to wear a simple pendant necklace. This makes the bride look tall and absolutely stunning.

A wedding gown with a halter or reverse halter:

Ideally, highlight your hair and do away with the necklace altogether and choose a simple bracelet and set of earrings to avoid looking too bare.

A wedding gown with many embellishments:

A simple pair of elegant diamond studs or pearl wedding earrings will be sure to enhance this bridal look. For a detailed and ornate neckline, choose chandelier earrings.

For choosing the right colour of your accessories uses your gown colour as a guide.

For white gowns, go for platinum or silver pieces. For ivory toned gowns, gold jewellery stands out. If the gown has hues of pink, rose gold is a good choice.

Factors to consider when choosing jewellery

Matching Wedding Jewellery Sets

It’s important to choose a necklace and earring set for your wedding that you can wear time and time again. That’s why choosing the best pieces of jewellery is priceless.

Here are some top tips:

  • Look out for wedding earrings that can be paired up with the day to day outfits.
  • When choosing jewellery pieces, select a necklace, earrings, and bracelets that reflect your personal style so that they match your current wardrobe.
  • Make the most of your wedding jewellery by treating it like an investment to enjoy for the rest of your life instead of treating it like a one-event affair. Reuse it as often as you can.

The most timeless jewellery pieces chosen for weddings are usually classy pearl wedding necklaces and pearl wedding earring sets that match.

Diamonds are also a precious and durable choice that make the bride shine on her special day.

Why you should consult jewellery experts

At Ovadia Jewellery, we have a team of in-house skilled jewellery craftsmen who work closely with the bride and groom to provide them with the bespoke pieces that they desire.

Once they have an idea of their perfect wedding look, we will discuss and plan the wedding jewellery design together with them. We also assist couples to come up with their own, unique designs. Once the design is agreed upon, the couple can choose which stones to be set in the jewellery. The piece is then cast, hallmarked, set and polished and the couple can collect their individual wedding jewellery pieces.

We have a large collection of certified diamonds and gemstones to suit every wedding look, so if you’re looking for the right bridal jewellery, ranging from vintage wedding jewellery to beautiful custom necklace and earring sets, pay us a visit at our Ovadia Jewellery store in Hatton Garden.

Share your wedding outfits with us and we can make recommendations on the perfect wedding jewellery match for your once in a lifetime event.

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