How to Find the Best Place to Buy Diamond Rings in London

London is one of the world’s most prestigious fashion capitals with almost all major fashion labels having multiple outlets scattered in this great city. The same can be said when it comes to the profusion of jewellers within the city, with London hosting both international and local jewellery shops.

It is no surprise when someone looking to buy diamonds in London gets hopelessly confused and overwhelmed by the abundance of choice. This is complicated by the fact that purchasing a diamond ring is considered a long-term investment that requires one to apply the most meticulous of approaches. In anticipation of the numbing mental fatigue that most diamond ring buyers will face while shopping in the city of London.

Here are diamond ring buying tips on how to identify where to buy the best diamond rings:

  1. The 4Cs diamond grading system

    Diamond Grading System - Ovadia Jewellery

    This is the one thing you must certainly know before you even make your very first attempt to buy diamonds for rings. You will be able to definitively know why seemingly trivial aspects of particular diamonds result in comparatively large differences in price.

    The diamond grading system is rather straight forward as it is composed of 4 precise categories by which a diamond is graded.

    These categories are

    1. Carat

      This is the actual physical weight of a diamond where 1-carat weight is equivalent 0.2 grams. As with most things, the heavier a diamond is, the higher its price tends to be. Small diamonds can be less than 1 carat while a large one can reach up to 30 carats in weight.

    2. Colour

      A pure diamond is a colourless stone. The presence of impurities in the atomic structure of the diamond does, however, cause the transparent stone to acquire a tinge of colour. The more the yellow tinge a diamond has, the lower its price tends to be. The grade starts from D for colourless stones to Z for light yellow diamonds.

    3. Clarity

      As with colour, a pure diamond is transparent. The presence of impurities in the physical structure of the diamond does cause localized opaque spots within the stone. The grade starts with Fl for flawless stones that are completely transparent to me for diamonds within which visible impurities are included, i.e. present within the stone.

    4. Cut

      This refers to the placement of facets on a diamond’s surface, which gives it an identifiable geometric shape. The facets influence the ability of the diamond to reflect and refract light, which results in its overall sparkle. The more common diamond cuts have specific shapes such as Princess, Emerald, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart, Round, Cushion and so many others.

  2. Jeweller Certification

    Being able to check the certification of the jeweller from whom you want to buy London diamond rings is the second most important thing after mastering the 4 C grading system. There are several certifying bodies that are affiliated with the jewellery industry. These bodies are ranked below in order of their importance:

    1. GIA

      GIA-Buy Diamond Rings in LondonThe acronym stands for Gemological Institute of America which is the primary global certifying body and hence has jurisdiction even in the United Kingdom. The body enforces global standards by which diamonds are graded and is thus a major influence on price appraisal of diamonds the world over.

      A GIA certified jeweller will sell diamonds which have been certified by the body. These diamonds will have a unique GIA appraisal number laser etched on the stone’s surface at an out-of-the-way location. This number is associated with the diamond even in subsequent transfers of ownership.

    2. HRD

      The acronym stands for the Antwerp Diamond High Council in Dutch and is the European equivalent of the American GIA.  The body is also involved in the grading and certification of diamonds. However, the diamonds that the HRD certifies are of a notably lower value than those certified by the GIA.

    3. RJC

      The acronym stands for Responsible Jewelry Council, which is a body responsible for ensuring jewellers adhere to set codes of practice. The RJC ascertains that diamonds from regions of conflict do not make their way into the hands of buyers. The body also ensures the labour rights of diamond miners are protected and that the mining companies adhere to regulations about environmental protection.

  3. Additional benefits

    Buy Diamond Rings In London - Ovadia JewelleryFinally, if you are looking for the best place to buy diamond rings in the UK and more particularly in London, seek out a jeweller offering extras to their customers. These extras can include insurance and financial packages. You can end up benefiting from flexible purchasing plans which help distribute the financial burden of purchasing the best value diamond over several months. The insurance option would be invaluable in the advent of loss or theft of the diamond. Some diamond jewellery shops offer promotional services such as custom bespoke jewellery where the customer participates in the design and creation of the engagement rings they want, they are offered free sizing, complimentary engraving, and fast order service.

    Follow these tips and you should be able to narrow down your favourite London diamond jewellers and if you happen to come to Hatton Garden, pay Ovadia Jewellery a visit to receive a free diamond ring consultation from our jewellery experts.

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