How Much Cost The Hottest Diamond Engagement Rings Celebrities Buy?

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Stars tend to go the extra mile when it comes to almost everything that everyday people do. The diamond engagement ring is no exception.

The diamond engagement rings that celebrities rock have to stand out, just like them. They still come in the common diamond shapes and styles like oval, rose gold, emerald cut, pear-shaped, cushion cut, yellow gold, modest, however, the difference is that they make their rings an investment.

Unlike us, they have no budget to considers so they go all out. As all eyes are on them and their celebrity jewellery, it’s more than just an engagement ring – it’s a statement – a reflection of their devotion and of course, their status.

If you want to fantasize about all the possibilities for your potential engagement ring, then have a look at this celebrity engagement ring guide for inspiration – dreams can come true!

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez - Engagement Ring
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Everyone is familiar with this hot Latino singer, actress and quite recently, producer. J Lo’s latest diamond engagement ring – yes, she’s been given a few – is basically a single solitaire style emerald-cut 15-carat diamond. The diamond is set on a yellow gold ring. The solitaire style ensures the large 15-carat diamond is the focal point of this large diamond engagement ring. It also means that no other smaller diamonds are to be found on the yellow gold band around her finger. Alex Rodriguez is estimated to have spent around £ 3.5 million to purchase this marvel for his fiancée.  Such a high price for the diamond must surely come from the diamond’s flawless clarity.

  1. Beyoncé

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Queen Bey, the famous American singer, songwriter and actress only deserves to be treated like a queen, especially by her husband. In her case, this happened to be another music mogul, namely Jay Z. It’s obviously no surprise that Jay Z spent well over £ 3.2 million on the engagement ring that Beyoncé received.  The 18-carat solitaire emerald style diamond was designed by the renowned jeweller and fashion designer Lorraine Shwaltz, a bonafide diamond expert. Again, by employing the solitaire style, the large emerald diamond is the eye-catching centrepiece of the white gold engagement ring. The stone is nothing but flawless in its clarity, and the sparkle inherent in the stone is truly superb and makes this ring true bling.

  1. Paris Hilton

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If there is a celebrity who has made it primarily due to controversy, it would be none other than Paris Hilton.  The heiress to the Hilton hotel business empire received an impeccably stunning 20-carat diamond engagement ring from actor Chris Zylka. It happened while the couple was on a skiing trip to the Colorado Mountains. The halo design of the diamond engagement ring ensures that the heart-shaped diamond is secured in the platinum split shank at the centre. All around the central diamond are numerous other smaller diamonds that further enhance the brilliance of this platinum diamond engagement ring. It is estimated that this ring has a price tag of £ 1.6 million.

  1. Blake Lively

Blake Lively - Engagement Ring
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Anyone who has seen the movie green lantern has certainly come upon the beautiful face of Blake Lively. Her husband Ryan Reynolds is probably the better known of the two, but this doesn’t make Blake less of a celebrity. Reynolds is estimated to have spent over £ 1.8 million on the solitaire style oval cut diamond engagement ring. The solitaire design ensures the large brilliantly gleaming oval diamond is the focal piece of the white gold diamond engagement ring. For those who may not know it, white gold is the name that jewellers give to platinum. This tough corrosive resistant metal is increasingly becoming the preferred material for many styles of diamond engagement ring.

  1. Mariah Carey

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The American singer and songwriter is not just known for her incredible vocal range, but also for her extravagant style and love for luxury. She is an icon in the music industry with a megastar career she began in the 90s. It is no surprise that the diamond engagement ring she wore was a 35-carat affair designed by Wilfredo Rosado. Her Australian billionaire suitor most definitely wanted not only to win her heart but to have it for keeps. The solitaire style, emerald cut diamond has a magnificent brilliantly sparkling 35 carat stone at the centre. The large diamond engagement ring is mounted on a white gold ring which finely rounds off the acquisitiveness of it as a whole. It is estimated that James Parker spent well over £ 8 million for this beast.

  1. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton -Engagement Ring
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Finally, we get to find out the kind of diamond engagement ring that celebrities who also happen to be royalty get to wear. Prince William got his fiancée, Kate Middleton, a halo style 12-carat oval sapphire diamond engagement ring. The exquisite ring has a 12-carat sapphire centrepiece surrounded by 14 stunning smaller diamonds which gives great credence to the elegance of the beautifully crafted diamond engagement ring. No price is available for this exquisite ring as it is a family heirloom that belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, who tragically died in a car accident.

Oh well, it is lovely to dream, isn’t it?

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