Best Antique Jewellery London Repairs And Valuation Services At Ovadia

Imagine this: a beautiful wedding ring, an antique family heirloom, the metallic shine of silver complementing the diamond-studded jewellery, a gold diamond ring glistening in the sunlight. Alas, all it takes to spoil the experience is a blemish. If your jewellery has blemishes or is damaged, we know where it hurts. Right at the core […]

Exclusive online consultations with Ovadia experts – We’re here for you via video chat!

The current need to isolate has led the Ovadia team to introduce exclusive online consultations to their customers to ensure that they can still acquire the jewellery they desire. Via video messaging tools like Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp you will be able to book an online appointment to Discuss the pieces of jewellery you’d like […]

Do men’s and women’s engagement rings have to match?

Engagement rings mark the beginning of a new journey. It is a time-honoured tradition that involves quite a few etiquettes. One of the most frequently asked questions by both the bride and groom-to-be is “do our engagement rings have to match?” Since it is a critical time that demands several decision-making steps including choosing the […]

Top Reasons to Get a Diamond Necklace as a Present

Diamonds are perfect for every occasion such as Valentine’s Day and you can be sure to see your significant other’s face light up when you get them a diamond necklace that matches their taste. You can find diamond necklaces for every budget Picking out a diamond necklace isn’t difficult at all with so many diamond […]

A Guide to Finding the Right Engagement Rings for Men

In recent years, men have become more involved with choosing engagement rings not just for their other half, but for themselves. Traditionally, the ancient Romans began giving “betrothal rings” as a physical representation that a woman was “taken”, so men wouldn’t wear engagement rings. However, today traditional gender roles are more fluid and the act […]

Best places for a marriage proposal to pop the big question

Getting married is exciting and fun! At Ovadia Jewellery we often deal with customers, who are looking to impress their favourite person in the world not just with their engagement ring, but with their whole proposal. When advising our clients about this unique process, we recognize that it can be quite tasking and demanding. To […]

The most popular engagement and proposal days revealed

If you are expecting a ring in your future, you are probably wondering when your significant other would pop the big question already. Actually, there are days which are the most popular and the best time to make a proposal. Analyzing the most popular times to get engaged, turns out most people do so between […]

Gender and jewellery – how the traditional jewellery sales focus must shift in 2020

Gender-based marketing and sales is very common and rampant in the jewellery line of business. But in recent years, gender-neutral trends have taken the world by storm, even among the big names in the fashion business. These days famous designer labels like Givenchy, Gucci, and the rest are producing clothing that says no to the […]

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