A Guide to Finding the Right Engagement Rings for Men

In recent years, men have become more involved with choosing engagement rings not just for their other half, but for themselves. Traditionally, the ancient Romans began giving “betrothal rings” as a physical representation that a woman was “taken”, so men wouldn’t wear engagement rings. However, today traditional gender roles are more fluid and the act of proposing isn’t just a man’s job – men may equally be presented with a ring to wear during the engagement period.

What kind of engagement rings do men wear?

Engagement Rings for Men

choosing engagement rings symbolize the unity of two people loving each other and their never-ending love between them. “Usually, brides prefer more elegant, feminine jewellery, whereas grooms prefer rings that are simpler or plainer.” according to Hannah, owner of Ovadia Jewellery in London’s prestigious Hatton Garden. This is reflected in their offerings of engagement and wedding rings for men as you can see below.


Which metal is preferred for the male engagement ring?

If the engagement ring is the first accessory in the life of the groom, he might find it slightly challenging to choose from a large selection of men’s engagement rings.

But most men fall for durable metals such as silver, white gold and platinum, which are also popular metals among young people. White gold contains nickel and platinum is more expensive but hypoallergenic. These metals can be easily combined with different outfits of men’s wardrobes. The older generation of men opts for the traditional gold.

Challenges of choosing an engagement ring for a man

Buying an engagement ring is a crucial process as this piece of jewellery will be worn for a long time. The main criteria by which grooms choose an engagement ring are fundamentally different from women:

  1. Convenience

    Men prefer a nicely fitting ring that isn’t’ uncomfortable to wear and doesn’t interfere with work.

  2. Pricing policy

    Compared to women, men try to save and choose a rather simple ring.

  3. Design

    Simplicity is the most common theme. Fancy patterns or precious stones do not really matter to men.

Why engagement rings reflect the oneness

Identical or similarly looking jewellery symbolizes the integrity, unity of a young family, complementing each other. This should be reflected in the engagement rings of the couple.


Brides love accessories decorated with precious stones. Grooms are more likely to go for plain rather than shiny rings. And according to The Knot’s 2019 Jewelry & Engagement Study, the most popular centre stones are diamonds making up 83% of all jewels. One great alternative to traditional engagement rings are open rings as they are equally liked by men and women. Overlapping rings that offer a different style are another alternative where the golden diamond ring for the bride a gem in titanium is suitable compromises.

Show your imagination and research some engagement jewellery trends before deciding! Or come to the Ovadia Jewellery shop for an engagement ring consultation. Try on a ring or two to see which metal and style works best for you.

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